Sayan, Sunny Isles Beach Condominiums for Sale and Rent

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Sayan condominiums, Sunny Isles Beach

Please welcome to Sayan at Sunny Isles Beach most gorgeous and luxury region of Miami, South Florida. Recently built, 29 stories lofty edifice is offering 90 fine, state-to-dream residencies. Internal design is unbelievably craftily combined to naturality and authenticity of the place – Tromp L’Oile painted ceilings, Italian marble playing with vivid and soft decorations features exceptional modern tendencies along with highest quality.

Impressive 2 storied ample lobby with breathtaking views over Hawaiian scenery of Atlantic and lush flora – that’s just few words about the genuine impression, that you might experience only here.
South Florida region has much to offer its visitors, but Sayan plaza is something outstanding, particular. It has soul, it has spirit and authenticity. Remarkable silhouette of the tower, belted with enormous windows’ ample balconies; tropical scenery which goes together with state-of-art internal marble design tuning finely the cord of architectural harmony; passages, suits, halls – everything enveloped with tiles in exquisite crafty way. It’s unique place where nature embraces art, where spirit is touched by sensuality.